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Psychotherapy∙Coaching∙ Consulting

Hustle Heal Motivate: Coaching 

Psychotherapist, Registered Social Worker 

Master of Public Policy, Admin & Law, B.A., Certified Professional Coach


Arleney Jane: Trauma-informed, Sex Positive Confidence Coach

Become a badass, with great ASS-ets!

With authenticity, my coaching approach aims at motivating individuals to flirt with vulnerability, while unleashing hidden desires and potential in a safe and non-judgmental space. Confidence is key to thriving financially, mentally, emotionally, sexually, and physically.

Arlene Jane - Coach, Motivation, Therapy


Coaching is a partnership where together we explore a process of self-discovery through a thought-provoking process that inspires you to maximize your potential. My coaching approach is a client-centred strengths-based process that aims at working with you to discover what your goals are while exploring fun, creative solutions and strategies to achieving them. Together we can work towards whatever outcome you desire… money, good credit, building confidence, how to look and feel sexy, career moves, relationship goals, financial stability…. Coaching is limitless! 

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Heal, hustle, motivate… that’s what Arlene does. Her power has and always will be for the people. Arlene has influenced my life in the most incredible ways, and in ways that she has no idea about. I’m privileged and honoured to have been able to work with such amazing and inspirational women ~ She taught me that it’s okay to be myself without judgement. Arlene is a present listener & a even better mentor.


Amanda J. |  Sex worker, Social worker/ colleague 

Is coaching different from therapy?

Therapy focuses on healing, pain and trauma usually focused on resolving difficult situations from the past or focus on emotional healing and coping. Unlike therapeutic sessions coaching is future-focused with an emphasis on action accountability and follow through. 

Although coach and therapeutic services look different, I uniquely bring aspects of both into sessions when appropriate as guided by the client.

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