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Arleney Jane Pitts (She/Her)

MA, MACP (In Progress), Registered Social Worker, Psychotherapist

Hustle Heal Motivate was inspired from my personal journey, a lifetime of existing in survival. My struggle through life’s tough stuff has had a profound impact on me shaping the person I am today, allowing me to navigate through life’s challenges in unique ways. This birthed my HUSTLE, my desire to HEAL, to shift and disrupt my narrative that was created for me, I was MOTIVATEd to become everything I was told I couldn’t.


After many years of being street involved, witnessing my community being targeted by police, impacted by social policy and decimated by overdose deaths, I was sponsored to enter  university as a mature student. Access to academia allowed me to break generational barriers while developing new ways to create change for my community. A life defining moment at 8 months pregnant, I earned a B.A. graduating on the Honour List. 

Since then I have dedicated my efforts to working with people from a life that I intimately knew by providing a harm reduction approach to crisis support, frontline counseling and advocacy for some of the most oppressed and marginalized populations including street based sex workers, homeless populations, people who use drugs, and prisoners.

I have been awarded for my ongoing efforts to challenge harmful drug policies and anti-sex work laws and for my activism for sex workers' and drug users' rights. In 2016, I received a Master's in Public Policy, Admin and Law where I completed my thesis Remembering Bedford, on the impacts of the criminalization sex work. This research was published in the international journal Sex Work and has been referenced in MacLean’s, NOW magazine, and legal hearings confrounting criminalization. 

Arleney Jane Psychotherapist

Commitment to Diversity and Confrounting Oppression

At Hustle Heale Motivate, one of our core values is being inclusive and ensuring that our clients feel welcomed, seen and supported. We are committed to creating an affirming and safe space for those who often do not feel represented through traditional therapy. We recognize that there is a historical white supremacy, racism and oppression embedded within social work in Canada and that it is our responsibility to work towards confronting ongoing systems of oppression. Just as we believe that healing is an embodied individual process, we also acknowledge that in order to understand the complexities of mental health and wellness, we need to look at society as a whole: at everything from Canada’s history and involvement in cultural genocide of Indiginous People, harmfull government policy to economic structures, to the complex and intersecting systems of oppression that have created further harm.

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My Education

Master of Counselling and Psychology (in progress) Yorkville University

Master of Political Policy Administration & Law (2015) York University

Bachelor of Arts Political Science (2007) Laurentian/Algoma University

Community Economics and Social Development Certificate (2007)

Arleney Jane in her workspace

My Awards

Toronto Community Foundation Vital People Award (2016): Arleney Jane was awarded the Vital People award for her work and advocacy with diverse marginalized populations including homeless people, sex workers and people who use drugs in downtown Toronto.

Algoma University Alumni Achievement Award (2017): The AUAAA acknowledges the professional, civic, and personal accomplishments of an Algoma U Alumni. Arleney Jane was awarded the AUAAA for her ongoing professional and activist efforts for decriminalization and supporting sex workers and people who use drugs.

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